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Short term contracts in software development/maintenance environment as a senior software engineer or software QA engineer.

EXPERIENCE SUMMARY (32 Years in Software Development/Maintenance):

Project Management: planning (COCOMO, REVIC, Jensen, SEER-SEM,WBS), staffing, resource tracking,metrics definition & collection (GQM), process definition & enforcement (CMM), recruiting, and proposal writing.
Software Engineering and Development: requirements analysis and design using structured (DeMarco, Yourdon, Ward/Mellor) and object-oriented methods (Booch, Rumbaugh, Shlaer-Mellor, Jacobson, ROOM, Unified/UML) and associated CASE tools (Teamwork, OMT, StP, ObjecTime, Rose); implementation/code in modern target languages and environments (Ada, C/C++,VC++); testing, documentation, and reviews per DOD/MIL-STD.
Applications/Domains: Embedded software for laser control systems, Systems engineering on supercomputing applications and systems, Army Vetronics (1553/VME) systems; NSA secure telecommunications DSP; Cellular telephony systems; Army training range communications & RT databases; Naval threat emitters (radars and missile guidance) and EW Systems (jammers) firmware; Air defense C3 & Air combat training range systems; Naval weapons C2 systems; Naval avionics (A-6, F-18, AV-8B) systems; Gun fire control(OV-10B) algorithms; HIL IV&V simulators; Electronics CAD/CAM & SCM; Army experimentation/war-gaming range systems: RT multi-computer control and communications, RT Casualty Assessment threat & friendly weapons simulations.
Technical Research Interests: software reuse, software development methodologies & CASE tools.
Security Clearances: DOE Q(Last active in Jan 12).
Professional Organizations: ACM SIGs, chartered and established Phoenix SIGADA Chapter, chairman 93-96.


MachinesOperating SystemsLanguages/Applications
Applied Dynamics AD100VMS HostADSIM,ADRIO
Gould/Encore 32 MPX,RTM FORTRAN77+
IBM 386/486MSDOS,Windows Ada,C,Word,Excel,WP,Lotus123,DBIII,...
IBM PentiumWindows 95, NT V/C++,Project,Access,Rose 98
INTEL 8085,8086,8051None Assembler, machine code
Motorola 680n0 VMEPROM,PDOS,VRTX Assembler, C, ICE
Motorola 5600n DSP Custom Tailored Assembler, Gnu C, ICE
MacFinder Ada,C,ICONIX,Word,Excel,....
PowerPC VxWorks Ada95, CORBA
SUN Workstations UNIX/SunOS/XWin OMT,ObjecTime,ROSE,APEX,Framemaker,...


CORBA Development using ORBexpress for Ada95 - Objective Interface, Reston, Va, 2000
Java Programming Fundamentals and Swing - K & A Software Training, LLNL, Ca 1999
AdaWorks SW Engineering - Ada 95 for Experienced SW Engrs, Santa Clara, Ca, 1998
Rational - Introduction to ROSE CASE and APEX development environment. Santa Clara, Ca. 1997
CYRIP - DSP Fundamentals,Speech Processing, Phoenix,Az. 1995
Motorola University - Adv Unix,C++,Adv Ada,OOD/OMT,S/W Mngt, S/W Reviews,S/W Metrics, S/WQA 1993-5
Michael Fagan Associates - Fagan Inspection Process, Phoenix, Az. 1995
Loral Software Productivity Lab - Object Oriented Design(ADARTS/Teamwork), Sunnyvale, Ca. 1992
Cerro Coso College - Ada Programming Language, Ridgecrest, Ca. 1992
Eyring Inc - PDOS 4.0 Advanced Training, Provo, Utah 1990
Applied Dynamics International - ADRIO Programming Course, Ann Arbor, Mich. 1988
DEC - VAX/VMS Internals II & Systems Programmers Courses, Vers 4, LA, Ca. 1986
GE Calma - Data General Eclipse Systems Management, San Jose, Ca. 1985
Cal Poly SLO Extension Series - Management of High Tech Programs, SLO, Ca. 1983
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Ca - BS, Computer Science, 1979
Allan Hancock College, Santa Maria, Ca - AA, Liberal Arts, 1975
US Army Artillery & Missile Officers Candidate School, Ft. Sill, Okla - 2LT, FA, 1967


2/12 - Current Retired. Will consider contract work.

10/98 - 1/12 Lawrence Livermore National Lab, Livermore, Ca.
Systems/SW Engineer. software engineering for National Ignition Facility (NIF) Integrated Computer Control System (ICCS) on the Plasma Electrode Pockels Cell (PEPC) Front End Processor (FEP). Development environment: Rational Rose/APEX, Ada95, CORBA, & JAVA GUIs on Sun W/S. Target: VME PowerPC running VxWorks with numerous analog & digital I/O boards and associated devices. (Current)
Also, systems engineering on the Accelerated Computing Strategic Initiative (ASCI) Problem Solving Environment (PSE) on the software intensive subsystems. Performing systems analysis, trade-off studies, and initiated software process improvement activities ala CMM. Also, software tools evaluation/recommendations, co-author on SWEBOK SCM, and proposal on SW patterns for Software Technology Center (STC). (14 mos)

3/97 - 11/98 United Defense GSD, Santa Clara, Ca.
CSCI Leader. Developed plans and lead 3-person team developing the Automatic Depth Control Subsystem (ADCS) CSCI on the Grizzly Mine Clearing Vehicle for US Army Engineers. Performed OOA/D using OMT & UML notation with Rational Rose on Win95 and SUN Unix. Target: VME PowerPC 603 using Rational APEX -Ada 95 and VxWorks. Co-produced baseline SRS, Rose design models, and initial generated code set.(14 mos)
Systems Engineer. Developed software systems engineering plan for Grizzly Vetronics. Performed systems analysis/engineering and produced MIL-STD 498 SSS, IRS revisions, SSDD, and 1553 ICD. (7 mos)

9/93 - 2/97 Motorola GSTG & CIG, Scottsdale, Az.
Principal S/W Engineer. Performed OO S/W development for NSA Secure Terminal Equipment using Microsoft Visual C++, SDK, MFC, and MSDN targeted on embedded Pentium running NT. Completed and integrated STE System Startup CSCI and encrypted checksum facility using secure algorithms. Setup IT lab and integrated software increments and prototypes. Developed Vocoder S/W for Motorola 56K DSP. Reused multiple vocoder algorithms. Developed PCI bus interface (PCMCIA) dual-ported RAM. (20 mos)
Advanced Software Development Engineer. Analyzed and prototyped using ObjecTime and ROOM for Supercell (cellular base station) test diagnostics and call processing maintenance on Sun WS with C++ targeted on Tandem FT. Performed systems analysis on SuperCell Transcoder, alarm and event & fault mngt. (6 mos)
CSC Leader. Developed OOD for RT Router Communications (APLabs VMEBus to Sun SPARC Interface) and Player Manager (RT database IF) CSCs for the RDMS upgrade of the US Army NTC. Utilized OMT using IDE CASE in Sun SPARC with Verdix Ada. Coded and integrated Player Manager CSC. Developed unit and integration test S/W for several CSCs using company custom test case code generation S/W.(14 mos)

8/89 - 8/93 Loral/Ford Aerospace, Ridgecrest, Ca (ECHO Range & Thompson Labs, NWC, China Lake)
Senior Software Engineer Developed S/W to integrate two stand-alone threat systems into an EW Range Operations Center (EWROC). S/W targets: PDP11/44 & 73 under RSX11M with Pascal & Fortran. (9 mos)
Also, developed Threat Radar Emitter Simulator's (TRES - AN/GPQ11) pedestal & transmitter control firmware. Targeted on VME 68020 & 8051 with cross-C/Asm on PC, ICE, protocol analyzer & EEPROM progmr. (18 mos)
Also, analyze and design software for the integration of a simulated threat air defense C3 system (Hughes) with the TACTS/ACMI (Cubic). Targeted on Concurrent, Fortran, ICONIX CASE to MIL_STD 2167A. (5 mos)
Also, develop and integrate RealTime Computer (RTC) software for the INADS (EWTES). RTC provided system controls, data distribution, coordinate transforms & logging for the weapons C2 of a threat ship HIL simulator for T&E of naval aircraft EW assets. Targeted on Gould 32/97:Fortran77, HDLC, per 2167. (14mos)

8/85 - 8/89 CTA Ridgecrest, Ca (Airfield, Naval Weapons Center, China Lake)
Systems/Software Engineer. Performed test and debug of custom VME card for satellite photo FAX application on Motorola 68020 running VERSAdos. Also, developed S/W design for MX missile V&V test simulator targeted on VME 68020. Used RT structured methods with IDE CASE tools on mVAX/VMS Workstation. (9 mos)
Delivery Order Manager & Avionics Software Engineer. F/A-18 Mission Computer S/W using1553B, AYK-14 assembler and CMS-2 on IBM 4341 with MV/CMS for building/CM & SUN/UNIX for SDE. (8 mos)
Project leader. Led HARM Missile Work Station-MWS, a hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulator for IV&V of HARM missile OFPs using ADSIM/ADRIO on AD100 simulation computers with a mVAX host. (9 mos)
Lead Software Engineer. Designed and implemented OV-10D gun fire control algorithm tool on PC/DOS. Also,planned, led, and developed systems S/W for A-6F Interim Mission Computer work Station, a HIL simulator for V&V of avionics OFPs for AYK-14 and 1553B common VAX/VMS in FORTRAN and MACRO11. (18 mos)

6/84 - 7/85 GE Calma, Milpitas, CA.
Software Design Engineer & SCM/IT Manager. designed and maintained CAM applications packages for the PC Board Design software group on Apollo Workstation using ALGOL( DGL). Established, organized, & led the SCM and integration test group for the GDSII product on DG Eclipse under RDOS using GPS & FORTRAN (12 mos)

9/79 - 6/84 Computer Support Division, Scientific Support Laboratory, Ft. Hunter-Liggett, Ca.
Scientific Programming Branch Leader. Technical leader of 10 real-time programmers on DEC-10 & PDP11/45 for US Army battlefield war-gaming, data acquisition & Real Time Casualty Assessment (RTCA). (PRC- 19 mos)
Senior Systems Analyst. Acting division manager of 22 systems & scientific programmers and RT operators. Developed S/W engineering standards, established CM and S/W integration & test sections. (Arcata - 9 mos)
Senior Scientific Programmer. S/W project leader for Army Attack Helicopter AAH-64 OT II. Designed and/or implemented simulations of Hellfire (Anti-tank missile), SA-7, SA-8, SA-9, and ZSU 23-4 ADA. (PRC - 14 mos)
Scientific Programmer. Developed and/or maintained RT software for multi-computer control & communications, graphics, and weapons simulations to include: TOW, Spigot, Copperhead, & Field Artillery. (BDM 16 mos)
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