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The Machines:

Note: the pics below are icons & can be enlarged w/a click. Every time I begin to doubt my sanity with these things, I run across another kindred spirit that has an even bigger collection, thank goodness. NFS - not for sale but will consider trades. BOS - bill of sale only (all long out of DMV system)

pic of 56 AJS M16/8* 56 AJS 16CS iron barrel - w/500 conversion (roller), 53 AJS M18 parts bike (basket) NFS

Large pic of AJS/Yamaha* 69/70 AJS Stormer 250 w/Yamaha RT1 engine - swapping out engine for 360. Needs fork tubes, still looking(roller) NFS

pic of R100S* 77 BMW R100S - Cosmetically challenged, 27K Orig Mi, have S fairing (roller) $2000OBO

pic of R100RS* 78 BMW R100RS parts bike (roller) BOS $1000OBO

* Above R1000S & RS Bundle - $2500OBO or trade

pic of R100RT* 82 BMW R100RT project bike. Fugly now but fundamentally sound. 30K mis, needs a few parts, lots of TLC & LH cylinder work - oiling. Also seat cover & lots of misc rubber parts. (runner) NFS

pic of 2010 BMW R1200R* 2010 BMW R1200R - setup for long distance adv touring. Fully farkled. (rider) $5000 OBO

* 45 BSA M20 500 - somewhere between military & civilian model ( basket) $2000

Large pic of 56 DB34 sans trans & primary* 56 BSA DB34 Gold Star - Finishing up. Neely belt primary. Later model TLS front brake. Amal Concentric. Dream come true. NFS

Large pic of 57 B33* 57 BSA B33 - Last of the series. Alternator/Battery-Coil ignition. Older restoration. NFS

Large pic of 59 A10 before teardown* 59 BSA A10 Golden Flash - to be coverted to RGS trim. Ready to assemble soon. (basket) NFS

* 60s BSA B44 round barrels. Huge collection of parts. Have enough for 3 bikes. One street legal DB w/alloy S/A, Cerianis, Akronts. Probably do a stock one & another dirt bike. NFS

Large pic of 67 A65 Thunderbolt* 67 BSA A65 Thunderbolt - nicely restrored & running NFS

Large pic of BSA B50T/MX* 71 BSA B50T/MX - setup for vintage MX, Ceriani, solid state points, etc. (runner) NFS

Large pic of Sherpa T* 72 Bultaco 350 Sherpa T - rough, complete w/top end off now (basket). Some idiot decided the frame & motor needed to be matching & FU motor numbers. Have a clean set of cases. (basket) BOS $500 OBO

pic of CanAm 250* 77 Can-Am 250 TNT - setup as a club road racer? Converting back to original Enduro style. (roller) NFS

pic of CZ 400* 74 CZ 400 Red Frame - for Sportsman MX. A little rough but all there (roller) NFS

pic of Desert Griffon* 69 Greeves M58B 380 Griffon Desert - Pic before tear-down. Rode this one back in the day. Gotta be BRG tho. (basket) NFS

pic of Grumph* 60/70s Grumph - complete Greeves I-Beam chassis & TR5T engine (runner) NFS

pic of Sprint Tracker* 70 Harley Sprint 350 - in the middle of setting up for dirt track. Will be converting to street tracker or maybe to cafe (basket) $1000

pic of 72/3 Wombat* 72/3 Hodaka Wombat 125 - rough but all there as a dirt bike, Clarke tank, seat needs foam & cover. Will restore to former splendor. NFS

pic of Superhawk* 65 Honda Superhawk 305 CB77 - project started, white has to go (black or blue), + parts bike. NFS

* 73 Honda CR250M - rough but restorable, found missing clutch & points. Needs assembly, tank (Clarke) & TLC (basket) $1200

pic of 77 CB750A* 77 Honda CB750A Hondamatic - Nice orginal condition. All there plus monster fairing & trunk. Floor boards, forward brake pedal, rocker shifter wide setback bars. Have a set of hard bags to add on. Carbs rebuilt but still need sorting, doesn't want to idle. May be some of the smog/auto junk in the intake system. Will be a primo geezer touring machine. pics coming $2000 OBO

pic of 79 CB750K Cafe* 79 CB750 Cafe - alloy sheet metal, CB900F forks, dual disk front brake. Am propbably going to pull alloy metal & save it for a CB900/1100F. With let it go with original body work for reasonable. $1500 OBO (runner) or with alloy $3000

pic of 82 FT500* 82 Honda FT500 - factory single street tracker, nice (runner) NFS

* 75 Husky 175GP - rough, replacing cases w/crank & ft wheel (basket) $500

* 78 Husky 390WR Enduro - lights & speedo, make street-legal? Had this back in the 80s for trail-riding. (basket) NFS

* 7? Jawa Model 890 Speedway - 2-valve engine, needs restoration (basket) $1500 OBO BOS

pic of 74 KX450* 74 Kawasaki KX450 - cleaned up, nu shocks, petcock, chain, throttle, grips, levers, fork seals, dust boots. A few non stock parts: aftermarket up-pipe, compressioon release.Includes factory manual & parts list. (runner) $1800 OBO

* 02 Kawi KDX220 - used hard & broke piston but good bones. FMF fatty, grippy seat cover, pipe guard, etc. Will clean up, rebuild eng, add lg tank & make into old guy trail bike. Gonna get dirty again. Pics later (basket) NFS

* 73 Maico MC400 - alloy wheels, tanks, all new rubber, Konis (basket) NFS

pic of 73 Guzzi Eldorado* 73 Moto Guzzi Eldorado - nicely restored to white with Wixon fairing. Have period correct hard bags in the works. New standard height seat. (rider) $5000

pic of 73 Norton Commando Combat* 73 Norton 750 Combat Commando - Nicely setup for touring. Many extras, Akronts, Craven panniers, etc, etc. (rider) NFS

* 73 Penton 250 Hare Scrambler - rough but all there (basket) NFS

* 74 Penton Mint 400 - Cross Country or Sportsman AHRMA. Several spare engines. Rough. (basket) BOS $1000 for lot OBO

* 67 Suzuki X6 250 - Early Suzuki 250 twin roller. Motor apart. Will use as base parts with engine from T20 below to restore. (basket) NFS

pic of 68 T20* 69 Suzuki T250 - rough but mostly there. Needs clean up, repaint, redo seat, bigger carbs, air filters, T500 f/brake, have chambers. NFS

pic of 71 T500* 71 Suzuki Titan T500 - mild cafe, JEMCO chambers. Finished. (rider) NFS

* Triton Project - 60s featherbed frame, Lyta fuel tank, alloy oil tank/battery box, Suzuki 4 shoe front brake, T140 engine, forks (Ceriani, T140 or 750 water buffalo). (basket) NFS

* 65 Triumph 650 6TA T-Bird classic touring bike (basket) NFS

pic of 73 TR5T* 73 Triumph TR5T - cleaned up & mostly stock with a few sensible mods (runner) NFS

pic of 79 T140E* 79 Triumph T140E 750 Street Tracker with many goodies. (rider) NFS

pic of 2017 Triumph 800XR* 20117 Triumph Tiger 800XR with many goodies for Adventure touring(rider) NFS

Large pic of Velo MSS Street* 60s Velocette MSS - for convert to Venom or Thruxton Replica (roller) NFS

* 60s Velocette MSS - motor/trans w/Dick Mann kit in A10 frame, Cerianis (roller) NFS

* 60s Velocette MSS - engine for Rickman/Cheney treatment NFS

pic of 70 Champion RT1* 70 Yamaha 360 MX - RT1 engine in early Champion MX frame, Cerianis, remember seeing a machine like this the Bailys built in early Dirt Bike magazine NFS

pic of 70 DT/RT* 70 Yamaha RT/DT1 - good clean bitsa. Leaks a little oil from poorly repaired cases. Have a good set to go with bike. BOS AZ bike long out of system - $1400OBO

pic of R5 Cafe* 72 Yamaha R5 - rough, removing cafe parts & chambers for RD350. Going back to stock (roller) possible sale or trade $800

* 75 Yamaha RD350 - nice & mostly complete. Cafe. (semi-roller) NFS

pic of 77 XT500* 77 Yamaha XT500 - dirterized, pumped eng, for trail, dual sport or flat track. includes tons of spares (runner) possible sale or trade, $1500OBO

pic of 79 SR500* 79 Yamaha SR500 - Cafe'd, Mikuni, SuperTrap, alloy swingarm, fairing (runner) NFS

pic of 80 TT500 S/T* 80 Yamaha XT/TT - serious street-tracker, beauty (runner) NFS

* 81 Yamaha XV920R - standard rare chain drive V-bike, engine together. Repainted, ready to assemble BOS Ca bike long out of system $1500as is, $2000 finished OBO

Collection Wishlist:

* Ariel single
* Bultaco Metralla/Montesa Impala/Ossa Wildfire
* Ducati Single (250/350/450)
* British Enfield 750
* early Puch/Allstate 250 Twingle
* etc,etc,etc .......

Always Ready to Consider Interesting Trades (see stable & wishlist above)

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