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The Machines:

Note: the pics below are icons & can be enlarged w/a click. Every time I begin to doubt my sanity with these things, I run across another kindred spirit that has an even bigger collection, thank goodness. NFS - not for sale but will consider trades. BOS - bill of sale only (all long out of DMV system)

pic of 56 AJS M16/8* 56 AJS 16CS iron barrel - w/500 conversion (roller), 53 AJ M18 parts bike (basket) NFS

Large pic of AJS/Yamaha* 69/70 AJS Stormer 250 w/Yamaha RT1 engine - swapping out engine(roller) NFS

Large pic of AJS 370* 72 AJS Stormer 370 - vintage original MXer (runner) NFS

pic of R100S* 77 BMW R100S - Cosmetically challenged, 27K Orig Mi, have S fairing (roller) $2000OBO

pic of R100RS* 78 BMW R100RS parts bike (roller) BOS $1000OBO

pic of R100RT* 82 BMW R100RT project bike. Fugly now but fundamentally sound. 30K mis, needs a few parts, lots of TLC & LH cylinder work - oiling. (runner) NFS

* Above R1000S & RS Bundle - $2500OBO or trade

pic of R1200R* 07 R1200R farkled for Long Range Touring (rider) NFS

pic of F800GS* 13 BMW F800GS - farkled for Adventure touring. (rider) NFS

* 45 BSA M20 500 - somewhere between military & civilian model ( basket) NFS

Large pic of 56 A10 before teardown* 59 BSA A10 Golden Flash - to be coverted to RGS trim. Ready to assemble soon. (basket) NFS

* 66 BSA B44 round bbl - w/alloy S/A, Ceriani, Akronts, (basket) NFS

* 60s BSA B44 round barrels. Huge collection of parts. Have enough for 2 more bikes. Just missing a head. Probably build a stocker & another dirt bike. NFS

Large pic of BSA B50T/MX* 71 BSA B50T/MX - setup for vintage MX, Ceriani, ... (runner) NFS

Large pic of Sherpa T* 72 Bultaco 350 Sherpa T - rough, complete w/top end off now (basket). Some idiot decided the frame & motor needed to be matching & FU motor numbers. Have a clean set of cases. BOS $500 OBO

pic of CanAm 250* 77 Can-Am 250 TNT - setup as really fast & reliable Metralla-like machine. Will put a disk brake or large drum on front & a down pipe. NFS

pic of CZ 400* 74 CZ 400 Red Frame - for Sportsman MX. A little rough but all there (roller) NFS

pic of Desert Griffon* 69 Greeves M58B 380 Griffon Desert - Pic before tear-down. Rode this one back in the day. Gotta be BRG tho. (basket) NFS

pic of Grumph* 60/70s Grumph - complete Greeves I-Beam chassis & TR5T engine (runner) NFS

pic of Sprint Tracker* 70 Harley Sprint 350 - converting to street tracker or probably to cafe (semi-basket) NFS

pic of SS250* 77 Harley SS250 - Much clean up & expansion chamber plus parts bike. NFS

pic of 72/3 Wombat* 72/3 Hodaka Wombat 125 - rough but all there as a dirt bike, Clarke tank, seat needs foam & cover. Will restore to former splendor. NFS

pic of 76 ThunderDog* 76 Hodaka Thunderdog 250 dual sport - complete with street gear (runner) NFS

pic of Superhawk* 65 Honda Superhawk 305 CB77 - project started, white has to go (black or blue), + parts bike.

* 70 Honda SL100 - rough but enough there to make a nice kids dirt bike. Needs piston, bore, all the normal setting around too long stuff, paint (the guy painted it John Deare green ??? Tore down, made parts list, will start on it after later. Will sell for what I end up into it for.

pic of 72 SL125* 72 Honda SL125 - Decent orginal condition. All there, needs paint & side covers, battery. Am going to strip it down & make a dirt bike out of it. Will keep all OEM in box. pics coming

* 73 Honda CR250M - rough but restorable, need clutch, points & TLC (basket) NFS

pic of 77 CB750A* 77 Honda CB750A Hondamatic - Nice orginal condition. All there plus monster fairing & trunk. Floor boards, forward brake pedal, rocker shifter wide setback bars. Have a set of Bates bags to add on. Needs battery & carb clean. Will be a primo geezer touring machine. pics coming $2500

pic of 79 CB750K Cafe* 79 CB750 Cafe - alloy sheet metal, CB900F forks, dual disk front brake. Am propbably going to pull alloy metal & save it for a CB900/1100F. With let it go with original body work for reasonable. (runner) NFS

pic of 82 FT500* 82 Honda FT500 - factory single street tracker, nice (runner) BOS or Vermont Plates & Reg extra +$50 - $1500OBO

* 75 Husky 175GP - rough, replacing cases w/crank & ft wheel (basket) NFS

* 78 Husky 390WR Enduro - lights & speedo, make street-legal? Had this back in the 80s for trail-riding. (basket) NFS

* 7? Jawa Model 890 Speedway - 2-valve engine, needs restoration (basket) $1500 OBO BOS

pic of 71 KX450* 71 Kawasaki KX450 - rough, all there except has aftermarket up-pipe (roller) NFS

* 73 Maico MC400 - alloy wheels, tanks, all new rubber, Konis (basket) NFS

pic of 70 Cota 250* 70 Montesa 250 Cota - nice ARHMA trials bike (runner) NFS

pic of 73 Guzzi Eldorado* 73 Moto Guzzi Eldorado - nicely restored to white with Wixon fairing & cheap black saddle bags. Have period correct Bates bags in the works. Need to rework seat, too low & soft for me. (rider) NFS

pic of Norton Commando Cafe* 70/1 Norton 750 Commando - Cafe racer, Ceriani forks, dual disks (roller) NFS

* 73 Norton 750 Commando - Roadster with Interstate tank (basket) NFS

* 73 Penton 250 Hare Scrambler - rough but all there (basket) NFS

* 74 Penton Mint 400 - Cross Country for Sportsman AHRMA w/spares. Rough. (basket) BOS $500 OBO

pic of 68 T20* 69 Suzuki T250 - clean up, repaint, redo seat, bigger carbs, air filters, T500 f/brake, chambers. NFS

pic of 71 T500* 71 Suzuki Titan T500 - mild cafe, chambers, seat. Almost complete, w/parts basket case (roller) NFS

pic of 74 GT550* 74 Suzuki GT550 - clean up, paint tank, redo seat, maybe chambers. NFS

* 65 Triumph 650 6TA T-Bird classic touring bike (basket) NFS

pic of 73 TR5T* 73 Triumph TR5T - cleaned up & mostly stock with a few sensible mods (runner) NFS

pic of 79 T140E* 79 Triumph T140E 750 Street Tracker with many goodies. (rider) NFS

Large pic of Velo MSS Street* 60s Velocette MSS - for convert to Venom or Thruxton Replica (roller) NFS

* 60s Velocette MSS - motor/trans w/Dick Mann kit in A10 frame, Cerianis (roller) NFS

* 60s Velocette MSS - engine for featherbed (NorVel) or Rickman/Cheney treatment NFS

pic of 70 Champion RT1* 70 Yamaha 360 MX - RT1 engine in early Champion MX frame, Cerianis, remember seeing a machine like this the Bailys built in early Dirt Bike magazine - NFS

pic of 70 DT/RT* 70 Yamaha RT/DT1 - good clean bitsa. Leaks a little oil from poorly repaired cases. Have a good set to go with bike. BOS or Vermont plate & reg +$50 - $1200OBO

pic of GT1* 73 Yamaha GT1 80 - completely refurbed as kids dirt bike. New sprockets & chain, tires, seat cover, crank seals, piston & rings, modified for premix only, some OEM parts included. SOLD

pic of R5 Cafe* 72 Yamaha R5 - rough, removing cafe parts & chambers for RD350. Going back to stock (roller) possible sale or trade Make offer

* 75 Yamaha RD350 - nice & mostly complete. Cafe. (semi-roller) NFS

pic of 77 XT500* 77 Yamaha XT500 - dirterized, pumped eng, for trail, dual sport or flat track. (runner) possible sale or trade, make offer

pic of 79 SR500* 79 Yamaha SR500 - Cafe'd, Mikuni, SuperTrap, alloy swingarm, fairing (runner) NFS

pic of 80 TT500 S/T* 80 Yamaha XT/TT - serious street-tracker, beauty (runner) NFS

pic of 80 XS650* 80 Yamaha XS6502F - mild street-tracker, has 18" rear wheel, Includes some OEM & 16 rear wheel/tire. (runner) NFS

* 81 Yamaha XV920R - standard rare chain drive V-bike, engine together. Repainted, ready to assemble BOS or can get Vermont plates +$50 - $1000as is, $2000 finished OBO

Collection Wishlist:

* Bultaco Metralla/Montesa Impala/Ossa Wildfire
* BSA Goldstar any
* Ducati Single
* Enfield Bullet/Interceptor
* Moto Guzzi any early model
* Norton P11
* Vintage Flat Tracker (any)
* Yamaha TDR250
* etc, etc, etc .......

Thinking About Riders:

* New Triumph T120 or Speed Twin
Always Ready to Consider Interesting Trades (see stable & wishlist above)

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